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  • 2013.05.15 Wednesday
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chain's position

Speaking of the high science and technology industry, technical ability height immediate influence application cost and enterprise ratio of margin, even on entire industrial chain's position. “looking from the LED industry, the entire core technologies grasps in Europe and America, specially upstream chip. The downstream brand also grasps in the European and American Mainstream Enterprise, this is our both banks LED industry most puzzled matter, is also the biggest challenge.”Liu Jie states clearly.

Fujian great wild goose abundant group Chairman You Yuxian said that “the LED whole world most front's chip should be the US and Japan, China most has the superiority in the lamps and lanterns aspect and the biggest competitive power”. The chip is monopolized basically by Japanese date Asia, “the world circles goes is date Asia, its blue light patent of invention has surrounded all people,LED Spot Lights must buy its this patent”, ten thousand nation electro-optic Chairman He Wenming said that “our company had already been on the date Asia's blacklist”.

Without the core technologies other aspect, either spends the high price to obtain the authorization, either direct purchase product. Quanzhou Taiwanese businessman investment district just went into production this year the harmonious electro-optic is so, can only buy the import chip. “the chip accounts for 60% probably in the cost”, this company vice-total leaf expressed completely.

In the home,LED Flood Lights the chip Leading enterprise Xiamen three peaceful stocks, the product target endures compared to the international target, its light effect in 100 arrives at 120LM/w, and the quantity has produced. In addition has the blue gentleman micro, German bold Run to reach, the same side, the association to create and so on several To be listed to have the profession competitive power. “the world started to pay attention to China's LED lamps and lanterns”,

but the reality is, stemming from the protection, “in the LED intellectual property rights aspect, the European Germany, the US, Japan already had now taken the combined action, is not authorized.”Three An Chairman special assistant Ke Yongrui said. Except the chip, “in the present world scope LED also has the patent which cannot go round, is the glue water which the seal uses, one kilogram must sell 7000”, He Wenming said.

Moreover,LED Ceiling Lights some key equipments and raw material seriously rely on the import now. The Domestic enterprise some patented technology only concentrates in downstream domains and so on outward appearance design, seal radiation technology. Without the core technologies patent, “only then takes the Renminbi to trade the dollar honestly, buys others thing again, but must receive others threat”, Ke Yongrui said that with the overseas manufacturer comparison, does not have the means to be possible to compare.Patch Panel Manufacturer Walks the Fujian and Taiwan route cooperation Fujian, both banks patent cooperation are many is only concentrates middle and lower reaches the industry the seal and the application domain, has not involved the chip and the extension domain patent nearly.

The profession 2-3 years mix the cards summon standard greatly At present, our country LED industry and not unified standards. On the existing industrial chain link's more than 4000 enterprises, including domestic go on the market 22 enterprises, because does not have the standard, the product also appears a good and evil intermingled. Believed from Taiwan's great wild goose abundant group General Manager Huang Shengbang that in the lamps and lanterns design, the mainland does not lose to Taiwan.

But the quality loses to Taiwan. You Yuxian is tells of one's hardships and oppressions greatly, “the enterprise is irregular,Spiral Plate Heat Exchanger for instance 2,000,000 investment's Domestic workshops, several hundred million investment's enterprises, the sign hit similarly are also the LED enterprises. Our present's enterprise hits these Small business.”

The great wild goose abundant group which builds up depending on printing starts in 2005 to throw 260,000,000 enters the electro-optical profession, “we are the India receipt, some people said that my building in the India paper money, two buildings is burning the paper money”, You Yuxian jokes. The harmonious electro-optical vice-total leaf said completely that now LED blots out the sky, the country did not have a standard to come out, we are mainly locate. He also believed that “the country did not have a standard to come out, not to have the standard to come out to have well, has the badness, can miss many”.

In fact, the LED standard is very difficult to formulate, Hu Aihua told the reporters, because the LED technology unceasingly is always renewing, the standard formulation needs an opportunity. However this matter has been related the department to raise the program, the labor letter department in 2011 in the standardized key point work introduced that “speeds up the establishment to be advantageous to the strategic emergent industry development profession standard and the important product technical standard system, and in aspects and so on funds, plan arrangement and examination gives first with the inclined support”, has the semiconductor to illuminate the industry.

Furthermore, the national illumination electric appliance standardization committee disclosed that at present had 12 items to adopt the basic examination about the LED illumination standard, promulgated the implementation soon hopefully. Fujian borrows the east wind which Heisey plans, cooperates the formulation technical standard with Taiwan, “we walk first one step, uses Taiwan's standard, develops with Taiwan to the sign. Fujian and Taiwan cooperate, the industrial cooperation, must have the industrial standard, the technical standard, the design standard, the inspection standard and so on”,

Liu Jie states clearly. “I believed that 2-3 years certainly will mix the cards greatly, these will make the profession in the middle of reputation the enterprise which will shatter, will have been washed possibly off”, You Yuxian said. Regarding this, Liu Jieming also approves, “made the television with the past to be the same, looking from the future, after unceasing mixed the cards, the number by thousand to several hundred, several dozens, to the present entire competition is also several”.

Regarding the present LED industrial development, Liu Jieming believed that one needs to make the authorization; second, purchase; Third is innovates. “is certain, we form the core competitive ability, might exchange with the mainstream manufacturer”.


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