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  • 2013.05.15 Wednesday
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energy conservation

In urban bright project “contract energy management”   Using the energy contract management pattern, invests the urban public lighting energy conservation improvement project. EMC the project throws the capital to install through the purchase maintains the omni-directional energy conservation service investment to transform the urban public lighting system to achieve the energy conservation to reduce a row of goal.

The urban government will return from the every year frugal electrical bill according to certain proportion gives rents the side, the urban government may also obtain the certain proportion from the frugal electrical bill share. After energy conservation contract of service expiration,LED lights manufacturer conserves energy the lamps and lanterns and the frugal electrical bill completely free belongs to the urban government to possess.

  · the contract period length consults the determination by both sides, takes back the profit which take the investor invests completely and earns as the principle.

  · in the contract period energy conservation illumination product's quality is responsible by the plant, to illuminate the lamps and lanterns, in the nature guarantees in the time to damage as a result of the quality reason, the plant should the free replacement.  

 · the government should pledge and guarantee pays the investor should on time to obtain had decided saves electrical bill difference.

  · in the contract period, street light's management is responsible by government's street light Control section, the production factory is responsible to replace the damage the lamps and lanterns (the expense by to throw the capital according to the agreementPayment).

  · the investor, the government (or government assigns department), the payment electrical bill's bank tripartite should sign the payment agreement, will deal with the electrical bill difference gives punctually throws the bank account which the capital assigns

  In order to solve the funding invested big difficult problem which exists in the national universal promotion, will implement the energy management pattern, selects the hire purchase method, in does not need the Local authority direct investment fund in the situation, the advance replace existing high pressure sodium lamp and Jin Ludeng, receives with 15 year frugal electrical bill and realizes the reasonable profit according to the cost.

3rd, strong convection-like heat-extraction system The LED display monitor works when the screen body sends out the quantity of heat is high,dvb t tuners to guarantee that the entire display monitor system moves under the steady state, conducts the research to the display monitor cooling system, some set of strong convection heat-extraction system. Moreover adds on the use aluminum the heat conduction effect, causes the cooling system to be stabler reliably.

4th, environmental protection material special protection technology Uses the environmental protection material, passes through the special craft, does not need to fill the rubber, may cause is the LED display monitor mold train achieves both the waterproofing dustproof,dvb t mpeg4 and against ultraviolet ray's environmental protection goal.

The high-end, the energy conservation depend upon the display monitor some component's technical change, it is reported that. But is in the overall plan technological innovation transformation. High-end aspect, not only is the selection performance high-end primary device, brand-new processing craft, science reasonable structural design, but also has the one-point sensing, to adjust and so on functions point by point, causes the brightness uniformity ≤5% box of body smoothness large scale enhancement,dvb-t receivers enhances demonstrates the effect, cuts the screen body failure rate.

The energy conservation aspect, the suite is the brand-new design, controls the reasonable common difference, when high cold operation can insist that between the module has the appropriate gap; Under the same level brightness the LED lamp operating current is small, can reduce the quantity of heat effectively; The box body installment has the intelligence to control warm with the intelligence beam control, reduces the display monitor temperature, enhances demonstrates the effect, lengthens display monitor's life.

The LED display monitor is in itself the energy conservation product, how to choose the LED display monitor to act according to the customer use the place, unifies the above technical characteristic, chooses the suitable economical environmental protection the LED display monitor.


  • 2013.05.15 Wednesday
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