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  • 2013.05.15 Wednesday
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The Cavs

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Authorities are advising the public that a new scam involving lottery tickets, which targets the elderly and the Hispanic community, has emerged.

Since January 2011, the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office has received 13 complaints involving lottery scams, said Teri Barbera, spokeswoman for the sheriff's office.

She said the majority of victims are elderly or of Hispanic origin.

After the two-time MVP announced he was joining the Miami Heat, Gilbert unloaded on the superstar in a scathing letter to Cavs fans in which he said "karma" would catch James. He also guaranteed the Cavs would win a championship before James,plate type heat exchanger who is now in the Eastern Conference finals.

Does he still believe?

"Yes," Gilbert said before a long pause. "Until it doesn't happen, I'll believe it. Who knows what happens, right? But I still believe it."

Gilbert laughed when he was asked if karma came to mind when the Cavs won the lottery.

"To mind, but not to my mouth yet nor to my Twitter account," he said.

Then, Gilbert, who was joined on stage at the lottery drawing in New Jersey by his 14-year-old son, Nick, who has battled a rare disease his entire life, made a veiled reference to James' panned national hour-long TV special, "The Decision," the July 9 event that changed the so much for two franchises.

"There are a couple articles I saw," Gilbert said, "and somebody pointed out it that it was this spectacle on television and it was a very positive one and one that was positive all around for everybody and that's a great thing that happened."

For his part, James whose relationship with Gilbert ― and Cavaliers fans ― has soured since he left, said he was happy for the Cavs.

"I think it's great for their team, great for the franchise, and great for the fans," he said following the Game 2 morning shootaround in Chicago. "That's all I can really say about them. I got more to worry about right now than the lottery.

"But you know, I think it's a good step for them."

The scammers are targeting Hispanics by approaching them in parking lots and asking them for help in redeeming a winning Lottery software .

The excuse is that the lottery winner is not a United States citizen, and needs the person to cash the winning ticket. But the supposed winners ask their targets to supply what Barbera calls "good faith money," to ensure that the person won't take off with the winnings. The scammer then takes off with the cash.

Barbera said most cases are occurring in the suburban West Palm Beach area.


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